Watercolor Sketching — new eBook from Mark W. McGinnis


Mark W. McGinnis’ approach to Watercolor Sketching. The book
discusses materials, design, techniques, content, style, and the sketch.

From the conclusion:

I wish I had discovered watercolor sketching long ago, but I am
thankful I have it now. It has added such a wonderful balance to the
“serious” work I do in my studio. I receive great pleasure from
sketching and it provides quiet relief from a sometimes too busy life.

I firmly believe that watercolor sketching can be pursued on any
level of experience and professionalism. From the accomplished artist,
to the serious student, to the amateur artist, to the novice, all levels
can benefit from the experience.

It is my hope that this book can encourage people on a course of sketching that they can build on for a lifetime.

Available from:

Amazon.com for Kindle (black & white)

Barnes & Noble for Nook (do title search) (color for colornook)

(soon from) iBooks for iPad and iPhone (color)


fastpencil.com for ePub or PDF  files

If you should purchase and enjoy this book, please write a review and post to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks  — thank you


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