An Orange For You — New Children’s Book by Mark W. McGinnis




Artist’s Statement: Helping a child to develop a sense of awareness may be one of the greatest gifts we can give. Awareness, presence, mindfulness, and stillness are qualities that improve and heighten our life from the first steps to the final breath. They are abilities best taught by frequent examples of awareness — by drawing the child’s attention to their sensory perceptions and allowing them to experience freely. The book also attempts to raise the child’s awareness of where their food comes from and the many people involved in the process.

This book is inspired by the classic story of the Buddha teaching mindfulness to village children using tangerines. The book may be read to the child using the illustrations to convey the experience of the orange, or it may read be to the child as the child observes and handles an actual orange, or it may be recalled to the child the next time the child eats an orange.  — Mark W. McGinnis

available at

an orange for you cover


Author: markwmcginnis


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